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You have been invited into a special relationship with your godchild, a relationship of support and encouragement. Are you ready to accept the responsibilities this relationship brings?

“We are.”

Will you encourage your godchild, support your godchild’s parents, and give assistance as you are able, that Maia will grow in faith, hope, and love?

“With God’s help, we will.”

(nine o’clock service, Wesley Uniting Church, Forrest)

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Meet Maia

Maia Elisabeth Yay Phillips was born on the third of March, 2007; at the time, she was 47 centimetres long and 3.5 kilograms heavy. It was three o’clock, dead in the middle of a lunar eclipse.

Maia Elisabeth Yay Phillips

I am informed I will be teaching her programming as soon as she is old enough. :)

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