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kifudancer FTW

I played a game with ~kifudancer the other evening at the club:

Around move 110 you can see the signature knife-fight for a large group of stones in order to clear a moyo by brute force; this is a common feature of my games against club opponents when I have sleepwalked through the opening. My osimato was weak, and the fight petered out in ignominy around move 162 with the connection to the lower-right group. Usually with these I lose the attacking forces and thence the game, but this time I managed to pull out at least the upper half.

In the end, white has a really large top-right corner and bottom territory, plus a chunky piece of the centre-left. The monkey-jump at move 184 was large, but not as large I think as the death of the top-right corner and the reduction of the bottom-left corner down to temporary seki. White by 41.