Monthly Archives: July 2007

python zen

“If you’re using a programming language named after a sketch comedy troupe, you had better have a sense of humor.”
(David Goodger, on proper Python coding)

one of the non-enumerated rights

“Personal security may, in fact, be the most important human right. Without it the others mean little. People aren’t free if they have to hide in their homes from death squads and car bombs.”
(Michael Totten, on counter-terrorism as humanitarian work)


Ran across Scirus while reading blogs; it’s a search engine for the quantitative sciences including parts of the Deep Web, with fairly glowing reviews. Built by Elsevier, and yet open and free. Cool, huh?


“A penchant for contrarianism is a valuable instinct, but one’s mind shouldn’t be so open that the wind blows through it.”
(one of the collective on Free Exchange)